Precision grinding Titanium

Precision grinding Titanium

Titanium is incredibly light, approximately twice as light as stainless steel. What’s more, is that it is very strong and highly resistant to corrosion. This makes titanium very popular in the Aviation industry. Of course, titanium needs to be customised before it can be used. Van Geenen offers the optimal possibilities to grind titanium within the set parameters.

  • A very appealing alternative for milling
  • Titanium sheet with accuracy of 0.05 mm of the desired thickness and parallel grinding

  • Ra value / Grit
  • Light, strong, aesthetically sleek finish
Precision grinding machine

Precision stainless steel and steel

For many applications, for instance mechanical engineering, the default thickness is insufficient. These industries require an exact and accurate thickness. Accurately grinding a stainless steel sheet in the right thickness parameters is no problem. We attach the sheet to the vacuum table without clamps and take off strong pieces of material.

  • Sheet metal or blades up to 8500 x 2000 x 100 mm
  • Making sure surfaces are flat, parallel and the right thickness with an accuracy margin of maximum 0.05 mm

  • Often requires treatment on both sides due to tension in the material
  • Very low roughness values possible
Precision grinding shapes

Precision grinding Aluminium

Aluminium should not be ground “dry”. This heats up the material and results in all kinds of molecular alterations. Especially on larger surfaces, nasty stains or discolourations can occur. The wet grinding process of the Timesavers 8000 series prevents this problem and Van Geenen can offer you the ultimate answer to aesthetic issues.

From a technical perspective, it is ideal to first let your aluminium sheets be cut to the right size before machining it. We can easily treat large aluminium sheets before traditionally machining it. The only thing you have to do is to mill the slots in afterwards.

  • Minimum heat and tension due to “wet” grinding process
  • Quickly and easily attach large surfaces onto the vacuum table
  • Accurate size parameters and roughness
  • Homogeneous grinding
Precision grinding surface grinding

Precision grinding various Materials

Due to different grinding belts, the machine can easily process the most diverse materials. For instance, it can grind plastic press plates, where an equal thickness over the entire sheet is important. Harder materials such as Invar, Duplex and special Alloys can be processed very well.

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Cleanroom pre-cleaning


Labelling & Traceability

Labelling & Traceability


Cleaning & wrapping

It goes without saying that your product will leave our premises clean and completely wrapped in foil. For this purpose, Van Geenen has Cleaning baths, Ultrasonic baths and clean wrapping rooms at its disposal.

You can even take this a few steps further to clean products on a “high-tech level”. Van Geenen also has a cleanroom and the necessary certificates.

Precision grinding large sheet metal

Flatness, thickness parameters, parallel, roughness values

In various sectors, the demand for precision sheet metal is high. For instance in the general construction of tanks and appliances. But with Van Geenen’s precision grinding, a full-fledged alternative is now available. It has virtually no restrictions in size, due to the large vacuum table. This table can easily and firmly attach magnetic and non-magnetic materials.

It can also process materials that are known to be hard to grind. Such as titanium. Since it is highly flammable, it cannot be ground on dry grinders. With this wet grinding process, Van Geenen offers the solution for easily applying a finish and grinding at the exact thickness, for instance for the Aviation industry, where every gram counts. Precision grinding at Van Geenen is an efficient way to grind sheets that are rolled and delivered at a standard thickness by the factories, to the exact thickness necessary with extreme accuracy.

The machining grinding process is conducted with a sanding belt. In contrast to regular sanding machines, this sanding head does not follow the uneven structure of the sheet, but is instead fixed. The sheet is placed on the vacuum table and is treated with the sanding head until it is completely “topped off” and is equally thick everywhere. It is accurate up to 0.05 mm.

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