“When it comes to high-gloss polished sheets, Van Geenen offers the conventional mirror sheets and new, ground-breaking solutions for the most challenging applications.”

High-gloss polishing of sheets (stainless steel mirror sheets)

High-gloss polished sheets are also very popular in sectors where aesthetics play an important role, such as Architecture, (super)Yacht industry and high-quality Interior construction. From a technical perspective, these sheets are appealing because of their extremely low Roughness value (Ra value)

  • Mirror 7, 8, 9 and 10
  • Extremely low roughness values and high gloss grade

Precision grinding (Surface grinding)

Material grinding of 0.2mm per stroke over a width of 2 meters. And extremely accurate, +/- 0.02mm. Very suitable when it comes to flatness, parallel surfaces, thickness and more.

  • Choice of titanium, aluminium, stainless steel, steel etc.
  • Complementary to your machining activities.

“The most time and cost-efficient solution for removing material, compared to the traditional methods such as milling.”

“If you have your basic material pre-ground and/or pre-polished, you lay the right foundation for your final product.”

Grinding and polishing pipes, tubes and strips

In case you are constructing a frame or railing that requires a ground or polished finish, it is of the highest importance to grind and polish your tubes and cylinders before assembly. This is much more cost efficient and improves the quality on the long run.

  • Finely ground, shiny, high-gloss polished
  • In plastic packaging or wrapped in (tube) laser foil

Sheet grinding

Mechanical sheet grinding is common practice in the tank and appliance manufacturing industry. Large surfaces are already ground, which saves you a lot of manual grinding.

  • On Grit and/or Ra value
  • Single or double-sided, and wrapped in (laser) foil

“Due to the use of top-quality machines, Van Geenen has no limits when it comes to size and material type.”



Special processing for
special projects

Special processing for
special projects

Beautiful colours combined with high-quality ground, polished or profiled stainless steel sheets create amazing facades and interior concepts. Inquire about the many options.

Beautiful colours combined with high-quality ground, polished or profiled stainless steel sheets create amazing facades and interior concepts. Inquire about the many options.

PVD / TIN coated finishes

PVD / TIN coated

UniqueSurphace nanoINOX


nanoINOX ® coating / Anti-Fingerprint

nanoINOX ® coating /

PVD coated smaller components

PVD coated
smaller components

Grinding & Polishing

A complete range

Van Geenen has a wide range of machines with various grinding machines and high-gloss polishing machines for metal products including sheet, tube, cylinder and strip. The possibilities for grinding and polishing are endless, whether it concerns small sheet metal or the most diverse blades, we can apply any surface finish you desire.

The best thing about our modern, mechanical branch in combination with our artisan department, is that we can offer a complete solution for your grinding and polishing issue. Subcontracted work or including material, if so desired

We strive for an optimally efficient processing route with the shortest throughput time and lowest price.

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Our range of machines for grinding and polishing metals

A solution to any finish

Our range of Machines

  • Sheet metal up to 16,000 x 6,000 mm

    Long-belt Grinding machines

  • Sheet metal up to 14,000 x 2,000 mm

    Wide-belt Grinding machines

  • Sheet metal up to 16,000 x 3,500 mm

    Polishing machines

  • tubes, strips and sheet metal

    grinding machine with 5 heads

  • Most diverse blades

    Wide-belt machines