Machine Processing

We grind, brush and high-gloss polish a variety of materials: sheets, strips and tubes, with any surface finish you desire. Our modern, up-to-date machine park can process sheets – cold-rolled as well as hot-rolled – to any specified finish. We can also grind to a particular grit or to an (Ra-value) or provide polishing to a high gloss of Mirror 8 standard.

RA meten Van Geenen

Manual Processing

Products of the most diverse shapes and sizes, a small number of items or an entire series, are processed based on the client’s specifications to achieve the surface finish you are looking for. Grinding to a particular grit or to a (Ra/Rz value), smoothing out welding seams and high-gloss polishing of parts used for turning and milling, complex frames and constructions.

Mirror 7 Polijsten

Van Geenen Specials

Van Geenen also offers various “specials”.
Our range includes sand-blasted sheets, coloured sheets, ceramic/glass/corundum, shaped sheets or sheets that feature a motif. Van Geenen also has high-gloss polished sheets and tubes in stock as standard. Here we show only a small part of our comprehensive range.

Based on our experience, we give you professional advice on grinding and polishing so you can achieve the best possible result with our assistance.

Our aim is always to achieve optimum quality and reliability paired with realistic pricing. This lies at the foundation of our company. Machine processing of sheets, tubes and strips is what we do every day. We also grind and polish a wide variety of products in the traditional manner.

As a final step, your products are cleaned and packaged with the utmost care.

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