High-tech cleaning

From pre-cleaning to labelling

It goes without saying that your product leaves our premises clean and entirely wrapped in foil. You can even take this a step further by cleaning your product at “High-tech level”. Van Geenen has a clean room with all the necessary certificates.

Van Geenen is certified by leading parties in the High-tech and Semiconductor industry to clean and wrap products at Grade 2 and Grade 4. With a residual gas analysis (RGA), Van Geenen can prove to comfortably comply with the required quality standards.

High-Tech Cleaning

Cleanroom process

Cleanroom market segments

Thanks to our pristine work environment

  • Pharmacy / Medical Industry

  • Biotechnology

  • Semiconductor Industry

  • Nano Technology

  • General High-Tech Industry

The importance of clean room cleaning and wrapping is enormous in these industries. Detection of contamination later in the (assembly) process means the product is rejected, causing significant disruption. Hence, it is of paramount importance to avoid this.

A clean room is pristine working environment, specially developed to repel contamination of the product process or research that is conducted in the room.

Contamination can be caused by dust or fibres, microorganisms in the air, particulates or chemical fumes. In our clean room, dust class 10,000, covering a space of approximately 300 m², the products are cleaned, wrapped and labelled according to the specifications of the client.


first, persistent contamination is removed from the products. This forms a good foundation to be cleaned and wrapped under cleanroom conditions. We also want to prevent persistent contamination from entering the cleanroom.

  • For removing coolant, slivers or other contaminants

  • High-pressure cleaning

  • Only with specially approved soaps

..Van Geenen has distinguished itself for years and is experienced in cleaning ‘Big Parts’ at the highest quality. Dimensions up to 6 metres and weighing 2000 kg are no problem in our new cleanroom.

(Ultrasonic) Baths

With our range of fully automatic Ultrasonic baths and large bathing area we can clean virtually anything at cleanroom level. Larger products go through our 4-bath wash.

  • 4-bath wash, directly connected with the clean room
  • Fully automatic Ultrasonic line of baths and large bath washing area
  • Annually certified and validated in compliance with the latest standards
  • Grade 2 and Grade 4 cleaning

..Checking and wrapping the parts commences in our clean room (ISO 7) according to the specifications of our clients.

Check & Analysis

turning off the light in the clean room and using an UV lamp, remaining dust particles that are much smaller can be easily identified and removed.

  • Remaining dust particles are removed
  • Desired standard of cleanliness demonstrable with external Residual Gas Analysis

..After checking the products, they are carefully wrapped in clean wrapping rooms.

Cleanroom Assembly

After cleaning your products under cleanroom conditions, they can be assembled in this cleanroom. This can be done by our professionals, but you can also rent a cleanroom to assemble your products yourself. Of course, Van Geenen provides the right advice and necessities.

  • Cleaning and wrapping small & large parts
  • Facilities for assembling large parts & assemblies

..Van Geenen recognises the importance of traceability and can offer this to you.

Labelling & Traceability

In cleanroom environments and the corresponding process chain, recognisability and traceability are of great importance. We make sure that the products are labelled according to your specifications, to enable traceability later on in the process.

  • Special clean room stickers and labels, optimised for printing
  • Further use without contamination guaranteed
  • Label materials do not have outgassing properties