Internal tube grinding

Internal grinding round pipe

Piping in the food and pharmaceutical industries must remain free of adhesion at all times in order to prevent bacterial growth and more. The product that goes through the pipes should flow through effortlessly, which is why smooth internal surfaces are required. Up to 2 mm wall thickness, you can often choose dairy tube in 304/316 stainless steel, which is already manufactured very smoothly. In the case of deviating, more special types of material and thicker walls, the internal Ra values are often rougher and should be reduced by grinding.

Van Geenen has 3 machines for internal pipe grinding, in the following diameter range.

  • Diameters 20 – 100 mm, 100 – 300 mm, 300 – 1,000 mm
  • Lengths up to 6 metres
  • Longer pipes and deviating diameters are possible by request
  • Monitoring with RA measurement and visual monitoring via endoscope
Externally polished round tube

External grinding and polishing round pipe

In addition to the very common K240 / K320 grinding, Van Geenen has very good options for high-gloss tube polishing. In various gradations, from shiny to Super Mirror 8/9.

Depending on how the pipes are processed further, it can be determined how intensively the pipes are pre-treated.

  • Machine polishing diameters 15 – 500 mm
  • Standard up to 6 metres
  • Longer pipes and deviating diameters are possible by request
  • With cover or pipe laser foil
Grinding polishing tube

Grinding and polishing tubes

In the metalworking industry, kilometres of tubular profiles are processed to make frames, railings and structures. Using unprocessed tubes is not done and it is recommended to first grind and/or polish them mechanically.

  • Common sizes + specialisation in deviating, larger tubes
  • By Ra value, grit, brush finish or gloss grade
  • Same for strip, flat and round bar, elips / flat-oval tube
  • With cover or pipe laser foil
Grinding blades milled profiles

Grinding and polishing of blades, balusters, milled profiles

When cut parts come off the cutting machine, they often have a rough edge that needs to be touched up. As for the top and bottom, the parts can be made of ground sheet or they can be ground and/or polished individually.

  • Automated solution for grinding cutting edges
  • By Ra value, grit, brush finish or gloss grade
  • On the basis of untreated or pre-sharpened sheet
  • With cover or individually taped with foil
Cleanroom pre-cleaning


Labelling & Traceability

Labelling & Traceability


Cleaning & wrapping

It goes without saying that your product will leave our premises clean and completely wrapped in foil. For this purpose, Van Geenen has Cleaning baths, Ultrasonic baths and clean wrapping rooms at its disposal.

You can even take this a few steps further to clean products on a “high-tech level”. Van Geenen also has a cleanroom and the necessary certificates.

Pipes, tubes and strips

Grinding and polishing

One of the most well-known refined metals is, of course, Stainless Steel. It is therefore not surprising that kilometres of stainless steel pipes, tubes and strips are processed in the metalworking industry on a daily basis. The material is extremely strong, and it has properties that can be adjusted as required without having to apply a (galvanic) layer. Because we can decrease the surface roughness. Either seal the pores to the maximum, increase the corrosion resistance or create an nice mirror effect. Just a few examples that can be realised by grinding and polishing. Ask Van Geenen about the possibilities and receive free advice.

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