National Holocaust Names Memorial

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


AIP Partners B.V.




Stainless Steel


Mirror 8

The National Holocaust Names Memorial in Amsterdam is a poignant tribute to the Dutch victims of the Holocaust, completed in 2021. It features Mirror 8 polished stainless steel. Van Geenen, experts in stainless steel polishing, contributed to this significant project.

The Memorial

In mid-2019, all necessary permits were granted, allowing construction to begin. The memorial includes two-meter-high brick walls inscribed with the names of Dutch Holocaust victims. These walls form four Hebrew letters meaning “in memory of.” The memorial is crowned by four large stainless steel letters, polished to a high gloss by Van Geenen.

Read more about the National Holocaust Names Memorial in Amsterdam at Holocaust Names Memorial.

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The stainless steel components were provided by AIP Partners. Van Geenen collaborated with AIP Partners to handle the polishing. In 2020, they began polishing 72 stainless steel plates, each 12 by 2 meters, to Mirror 8 quality. This intensive process required high craftsmanship to achieve a flawless, high-gloss finish.

The polished plates were then transported to Enschede, where Richter used laser cutting to shape them. Robo Metaal assembled the cut plates into the large letters, requiring sturdy internal structures for secure mounting.

Hand Polishing

After the initial cutting, Van Geenen performed extensive hand polishing to ensure each letter was perfectly finished. This meticulous work was crucial for removing minor imperfections and giving the letters a uniform, impeccable appearance.

After final polishing, the letters were transported to Amsterdam and installed on the stone walls. The result is stunning, and Van Geenen is proud and honored to have contributed to this beautiful memorial.


Client: AIP partners B.V.
Construction: ROBO Metaal
Laser Cutting: Richter
Polishing & Finishing: Van Geenen B.V. & partner firm MirrorInox

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