The Review of January & February – Trip to Germany and new intern

Published on: 5 March 2024, Rijssen

In this section, we look back at the previous months every two months. We highlight one of the highlights and discuss it in more detail. A great project, a new machine or a special event; this is the January and February Retrospective.

Trainee Thimo

The new year started well for Thimo, who has long been working as an on-call employee in Van Geenen’s cleanroom. He gained the necessary experience there, but still wanted to look further within the walls of our company. Since January, he has therefore been on a traineeship as an all-round grinder. Of course, he is assisted in this by his ‘new’ colleagues. It is great to see that Thimo wants to develop further at Van Geenen. We therefore wish him every success during his traineeship!

Intern Thimo.

Fig. 1 Trainee Thimo.

Company visit in Germany

Good product knowledge is very important if you want to achieve the best results. The invitation to attend a training course at Starcke, manufacturer of high-quality grinding materials, was therefore immediately accepted. A number of our Machine Operators therefore travelled to Melle, Germany, where among other things a tour of the Starcke premises was scheduled. These were two very interesting days!

Company visit in Germany - Van Geenen at Starcke.

Fig. 2 Company visit in Germany – Van Geenen at Starcke.

Company visit in Germany - Van Geenen at Starcke.

Fig. 3 Company visit in Germany – Van Geenen at Starcke.

A makeover for Neefje

Our experts work on the most beautiful projects every day, but once in a while a very special assignment comes along. This was one of them! We were asked to restore the parts of the steam locomotive Neefje for a well-known amusement park. This locomotive was built in 1914, served the park for many years and is now used as decoration at one of the stations. We are very happy with the result and hope that Neefje can be admired for a long time to come!

Train Neefje after restoration.

Fig. 4 Train Neefje after restoration.

Polished beer tap

We often share photos from our workshop, but every now and then we also receive photos of how the products we have processed ended up. Recently, we received photos from Kothman Oldenzaal, for which we were commissioned by VMB Metaalconstructies to polish a beautiful beer tap. Full of welds and other irregularities, the piece of stainless steel arrived and as a beautiful tap it went out the door again. Now that is what high-quality beer tapping looks like!

Polished beer tap.

Fig. 5 Polished beer tap.

Polished beer tap.

Fig. 6 Polished beer tap.

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