Manual high-gloss polishing

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Before the desired polished surface is achieved, an intensive process precedes it. Starting with the assessment of the material, pre-grinding is started to grind away all unevennesses, pits and porosity, after which the surface is very finely pre-ground. This is of great importance to minimize underlying grinding marks to no grinding marks. This depends on what quality should be polished.

Each polished product has a mirroring and gloss effect. The degree of gloss to be achieved can be divided into different qualities expressed in “Mirror”. When polishing to Mirror 7 quality, for example, a slight polishing haze may be visible.

Compared to polishing to Mirror 8, the degree of gloss will be higher and underlying processing tracks will no longer be visible. Polishing to Mirror 8 is a very high-quality polishing finish that is often used in the Superyacht Industry where everything revolves around high-quality visual requirements.

At Van Geenen, our professionals know how to achieve the right quality for every product, regardless of size and shape.

Manual high-gloss polishing.

Fig. 1 Manual high-gloss polishing.

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