Van Geenen invests in accuracy grinding machine

Published on: 27 February 2021, Rijssen

In addition to the fact that the new building is in full swing, Van Geenen has invested in its machinery by
purchasing the Timesavers 81 Series. This machine can grind materials flat and to thickness with a accuracy of +/- 0.025 mm over a width of 2100 mm and a length of 8500 mm.

A distinguishing feature here is that the machine can also grind non-magnetic materials because it is equipped
with a vacuum system that sucks the product onto the table. It is a wet grinding process which ensures that without
any problems highly flammable materials such as titanium can be processed. Other materials will be Stainless steel,
Aluminum, Molybdenum etc.

Surface grinding, grinding to thickness, achieving very low Ra values and a sleek homogeneous finish. This machine can do it all and is expected to be operational by the end of 2020.

Precision grindingmachine Timesavers 81 series

Fig. 1 Van Geenen invests in the Timesavers 81 Series.

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