The Review of March & April – First images of new cleanroom and jubilee Harry

Published on: 7 May 2024, Rijssen

In this section, we look back at the previous months every two months. We highlight one of the highlights and discuss it in more detail. A great project, a new machine or a special event; this is the March and April Retrospective.

New Cleanroom Construction in Full Swing

Preparations for building the new Cleanroom were initiated late last year. Now, several months later, the first results are visible. While the new construction is in full swing, let’s take a look back at the past period. Because so much had to be done before construction could even begin. In this timelapse video, we reflect on the past months.

Harry’s Anniversary

Last month was a celebration for Harry Nijkamp: our hand grinder and polisher had been with us for 12.5 years in April. Harry was recognized by director Bart van Geenen and thanked for his years of dedication. Apparently, Harry had also thought about the special moment himself; he wore special anniversary socks. Through this message, we want to thank Harry once again for his dedication and positive energy.

Anniversary Harry Van Geenen

Fig. 1 Anniversary Harry Van Geenen.

Anniversary Harry Van Geenen

Fig. 2 Anniversary Harry Van Geenen.

First Internship Assignment

In the January and February retrospective, we saw that Thimo had started his internship. In the initial weeks, he was assisted and guided by his colleagues, but after a few weeks, it was time to dive in. Thimo received his first polishing assignment and carried it out entirely on his own. The end result is certainly impressive!

Polishing workpiece Thimo

Fig. 3 Polishing workpiece Thimo.

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