Machine in the Picture: Wide Belt Grinding Machine

Published on: 23 June 2022, te Rijssen

In addition to our very talented hand grinders, Van Geenen also offers various machines. From fully automated grinding machines to high-quality polishing machines; Van Geenen has it all. In the ‘Machine in the Picture’ section, we highlight a different machine each time. This time; the wide belt grinding machine.

At first glance, the wide belt grinding machine that you will find in the hall of Van Geenen looks like a normal grinding machine. However, our Machine Operators know that this grinding machine is more than that. Due to an almost fully automated process, they need to perform a lot fewer actions, so that they can focus on setting up and checking the program as well as possible. This efficient process enables us to process many plates in a short time. This results in a short lead time for the customer, without having to make concessions to quality.

Features of the wide belt grinding machine

Our wide belt grinding machine, which you can see in a video below, can grind plates with a maximum size of 14×2 meters, with a maximum thickness of 40 millimeters. The plates that are ground on this can be used in many different industries. One of those branches is Tank Construction. When the sheets come from the factory, they are not yet suitable for processing. Therefore, they must first be ground or polished.

The machines used for this can make all the difference. Van Geenen has excellent machines in house to help the customer in a professional manner. After our Machine Operator has determined the processing, the plates are passed through the grinding machine. They are then automatically provided with a layer of protective film, after which they are stacked on a pallet.

What makes the wide belt grinding machine special?

The usual work, such as cold-rolled 2B finish plates up to 2 meters wide, can be perfectly sharpened on this wide belt grinding machine. What distinguishes this machine are the strong motors on both grinding heads. This ‘DEMIS Robusto Sheet-to-Sheet Line’ is manufactured to process, as the name suggests, heavy robust material. You can think of hot-rolled finish 1D or Quarto plates. These plates are a lot thicker and heavier, but also have a tough mill scale. This must be pre-ground firmly to achieve a neat finish or desired RA value.

The wide belt grinding machine at Van Geenen is mainly used for grinding stainless steel, which, as described earlier, is often used in, among other things, tank construction. Tanks that must meet the determined roughness (RA value) internally or externally are usually made of plates that are first ground before they are rolled into the shape.

Device builders and machine factories that make parts or machines for the Food & Pharma industry also often use ground plates. Roughness plays a major role here, but so does the appearance. A ground, brushed finish gives a neat and chic look to the product.

Our wide belt grinding machine is also suitable for grinding aluminum plates. These come by regularly and are pre-ground for anodizing. A beautiful grinding or brush structure comes through this anodized layer, which creates a beautiful effect.

Wide Belt Grinding Machine Process

In the video below, the entire process of our wide belt grinding machine is explained. From the lifting of the plates by our Machine Operators to automatic foiling and stacking; it can be seen in this video.

Vid. 1 From the lifting of the plates by our Machine Operators to automatic foiling and stacking.

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