Super Yacht Industry Handrails

//Super Yacht Industry Handrails

Various handrails for superyacht industry.
In the world of Super yachts the most high-quality visual wishes and requirements apply.

Welding grinding, fine grinding entire object, then upgrading to highest possible polishing quality, Mirror 8, also called Superyacht quality. This is, despite being not a prescribed specification, accompanied by a very low roughness value (RA value). This ensures minimal dirt adhesion.

In order to offer an optimal price / quality ratio, Van Geenen recommends that the basic materials such as the round tubes and pipe bends are mechanically pre-sharpened and polished. With this, you can clear unevennesses, pits and porosity. If this happens before assembling and welding, this can be done mechanically and you can save a considerable number of hours on manual polishing. Van Geenen then sticks the materials well with protective film so that when assembled it is minimally damaged. After assembly, the welds have to be ground and polished, after which the handrail is carefully checked in order to send the perfect handrail back to the customer.

In this situation we only came into contact with the customer at a later stage, the handrails were already assembled. The pipes were pre-sharpened, but with a rather coarse grain. Before polishing can be done, the material must first be finely ground.
This has now all been done through manual grinding. This had resulted in fewer machining hours, if this had been done in advance, and ultimately in terms of costs more interesting for the customer. Advice is therefore also to involve Van Geenen in the project during the design phase. Van Geenen thinks along freely in the optimal processing route and offers a suitable quotation here.

Specifications :

Category: Manual grinding and polishing
Industry: Shipping & Yacht building industry
Customer: High-quality interior builder with specialization Super yacht construction
Material: Stainless steel 316L / 1.4401, especially tube 48,26 x 2,77mm

Visual: High-gloss polished Mirror 8
Technical: Roughness value / Ra value  + RA 0,02