Stainless steel transport screw

/Stainless steel transport screw

Stainless steel screw conveyor. This screw must have a roughness value after machining
Ra <0.8 μm by grinding.

Wipe away all the welds and then work up the entire transport screw to a Roughness Value (Ra) of maximum 0.8 μm by grinding. The low roughness value is very important as this screw comes into contact with, among other things, powders. The low roughness value ensures that there is minimal dirt adhesion and that the screw is easy to clean.


To provide an optimal price / quality ratio, Van Geenen recommends that the basic materials such as the tube frame and the propeller blades be pre-sharpened. As a result, unevenness, porosity and pits have been eliminated in advance. Van Geenen always ensures that all ground parts are well packaged in protective film. Because all ground parts are protected, damage is largely prevented during assembly.
After assembly, all welds are ground away. After that, the entire screw will be checked for possible machining traces and the post-finish will last. Cleaning and packaging in protective film after each operation is the service that Van Geenen offers as standard.

In this order Van Geenen has seen that the working hours are lower compared to a raw screw in one go and this results in costs more interesting for the customer.

Van Geenen likes to think along with you for the optimal processing route and is happy to offer you a suitable and free quote.

Specifications :

Category: Manual grinding and polishing
Industry: Food and pharmaceutical industry
Material: Stainless steel 316L / 1.4404

Technical: Roughness value / Ra value + RA 0,8 µm
Measurement report is sent as standard.