Plates High-gloss Polishing

/Plates High-gloss Polishing

Project :
Building O in Antwerp – Wall cladding / Architecture
High-gloss polished columns.

For the University of Antwerp, a new research building was realized called Building O. In addition to the striking façade where a photo of students and teachers was punched in the golden aluminum façade panels, high-gloss polished columns were placed under the façade cladding and in the building. Van Geenen was asked for the high-gloss polished columns.

The columns are made of stainless steel sheets. In order to save a lot of time and money, these plates first have to be polished, in a flat state, this was a total of 320m2

The advice was to manufacture the columns from as large and optimal plate dimensions as possible, in order to be able to assemble as little as possible and thus prevent machining traces.
Van Geenen was able to anticipate this well by the machine park that it has, which has no limitations regarding the dimensions.

After polishing the plates are cleaned by Van Geenen and provided with protective foil.

The processor of the plates, which put the plates in the right form, had to carry out this carefully. This has happened, and columns could be placed without further post-processing.

Specifications :

Category: Machine polishing
Industry: Architecture
Material: Stainless steel 304L / 1.4301

Visual: High-gloss polished
Technical: Roughness value / Ra value + RA 0,05 µm