Plates Grinding RA value

/Plates Grinding RA value

Customer produces tanks for the food industry.
For this the customer uses plates that are intensively pre-processed.
The inside of the tanks must have a roughness of RA <0.8. The exterior of the tanks must be visually high-quality finished.

15 sheets of 14 x 2 meters, 15 mm thick and 5 sheets of 12 x 2.5 meters, 15 mm thick
One-sided grinding RA <0.8, the other side Grit 400 grinding.

The difficulty level, in addition to the large dimensions of the plate, that these 15mm stainless steel sheets are only available in the so-called “hot-rolled Quarto plate” *

That means that the skin of the plate is very hard, it contains unevennesses and pits and damage. These cases are all undesirable given the application and therefore the plates must first be worked with a coarse abrasive grain in order to extract them from the stainless steel plates.
As soon as the sheets are “cleanly polished” you can only think of finishing.
It goes without saying that the sheets are still very rough due to the coarse abrasive grain, they are still far removed from the relatively finely polished final finish. With several abrasive grains, step by step must be worked up to Ra <0.8. The plate then has to be turned over and the process will have to be repeated, of course taking into account another final finish.


Category: Machine grinding
Industry: Tank & equipment construction
Material: Stainless steel 304L / 1.4301

Visual: Grit 400 sharpened
Technical: Roughness value / Ra value + RA 0,8 µm