Clean Room cleaning

/Clean Room cleaning


It goes without saying that your product leaves our premises in a clean state, entirely foil-packaged. To achieve this, Van Geenen uses facilities such as cleaning baths, ultrasonic baths and clean packaging areas.

You could take this several steps further by having your products cleaned at a ‘high tech’ level. This is why Van Geenen has installed a Clean Room and obtained all of the industrial certifications required.

Our Clean Room has been used for many years by companies in the following markets:

  • Pharmacy / Healthcare
  • Biotechnology
  • Semiconductor Industry
  • Nanotechnology
  • The High-Tech Industry in general
Employees of Van Geenen clean millwork


A clean room is a highly purified working environment that is specially designed to eliminate contamination of the production process itself or of the research being conducted in that particular environment.

Contamination can be caused by materials or fibres, micro-organisms from the ambient air, fine particles or chemical vapours.

In our clean room, dust class 10,000 covering a space of approx. 300 m², the clean products are cleaned, packaged and labelled based on the client’s specifications.


Van Geenen has various product cleaning methods at its disposal. We can clean anything from small screws up to large stainless steel or aluminium sheets. One of the methods we use is a fully automated series of ultrasonic cleaning baths allowing us to clean any product.

To clean larger products, we use our modular line of bathing equipment that comprises four baths and is directly connected to the Clean Room.

The baths have specifically designed parameters so that we can monitor and guarantee the quality of the liquids at any time. Moreover, our Clean Room is validated and certified annually in accordance with the latest standards.

As the regulations in industries become stricter all the time, there is an increasing requirement to clean products in a clean room. Van Geenen offers the facilities to clean in accordance with Grade 4 as well as Grade 2.

men walk in the cleanroom
Labelen en tracebility


Each product is packaged and labelled after cleaning.

Each product, once cleaned, can be inserted into labelled packaging. Labels contain all of the relevant client and product information, which means that the products are always traceable.

With Van Geenen you are assured of expertise, know-how and accuracy. We are the specialists when it comes to cleaning and packaging all of your products.

We would like to provide you with further information about our clean room process and discuss how we can be of assistance to you.


Van Geenen holds the ISO9001:2015 certificate. Our processes are recorded in our quality book. All of the details of our baths and other equipment are detailed in a log book and maintained continually so we can guarantee the work we have done on your behalf.

All of our staff is trained in-house to ensure they reach the level of quality required to perform their jobs.

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