Milling work that is cleaned


In addition to the fact that the new building is in full swing, Van Geenen has invested in its machinery by  purchasing the Timesavers 81 Series. This machine can grind materials flat and to thickness with a accuracy of +/- 0.025 mm over a width of 2100 mm and a length of 8500 mm. A distinguishing feature here is that the machine can also grind non-magnetic materials because it is equipped with a vacuum system that sucks the product onto the table.

T-stuk inwendig geslepen


Duplex stainless steel has better corrosion resistance and is much stronger than SS316. Some applications demand a bit more of the material, so this can be a good option. The life of a polisher, however, is not always an easy one. The material often has a tough surface with many (deep) irregularities, which makes the processing quite intensive. We now have extensive experience in grinding and/or polishing duplex stainless steel, so fortunately we were able to complete this job. Pipe bends, T-pieces and tubes

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Developments – New production hall and office

  We didn’t sit back this summer and used this period to move our grinding machines. Over the past couple of years, we were able to add several new machines to our workplace and this has created a sort of machine jungle. Time to rearrange the workplace, and the widebelt grinding machines were first in line. The overhead cranes were just about able to lift the machine, primarily used to grind thick and thin stainless steel plates, from the ground Despite the fact that the

Grinding and polishing cut parts

Stainless-steel sheets

The use of stainless-steel sheets is a central aspect of the metal construction sector.​ Large stainless-steel tanks, machines and structures consist primarily of polished stainless-steel sheets.​ That is why it is paramount to choose the right kind of stainless steel.​ When selecting stainless steel, several factors are at play. Which type of stainless steel best suits your needs? Which production method is used? And what is its resultant finish? What are my visual and technical requirements (Ra Rz value)? How much do these factors impact selecting the