Grinding and polishing cut parts

Stainless-steel sheets

The use of stainless-steel sheets is a central aspect of the metal construction sector.​ Large stainless-steel tanks, machines and structures consist primarily of polished stainless-steel sheets.​ That is why it is paramount to choose the right kind of stainless steel.​ When selecting stainless steel, several factors are at play. Which type of stainless steel best suits your needs? Which production method is used? And what is its resultant finish? What are my visual and technical requirements (Ra Rz value)? How much do these factors impact selecting the

Milling work that is cleaned


In addition to the fact that the new building is in full swing, Van Geenen has invested in its machinery by  purchasing the Timesavers 81 Series. This machine can grind materials flat and to thickness with a accuracy of +/- 0.025 mm over a width of 2100 mm and a length of 8500 mm. A distinguishing feature here is that the machine can also grind non-magnetic materials because it is equipped with a vacuum system that sucks the product onto the table.